2020 Los Cabos Offshore World Publication
Offshore World SIP 2020

Publisher’s Letter

I have to admit—I struggled with writing this letter. It’s been such a tough year for so many. I can’t wait to be able to reminisce about 2020. But fortunately for us fishermen and boaters, we have one of the best social-distancing and mind-cleansing activities available. Managing the impact of COVID-19 and the trickle-down eff ect it’s had on our lives, families, and jobs somehow melts away when you get on the water. I believe that’s why there have been record numbers in many tournaments, and the boat ramps have never been busier. We are all very blessed to be able to enjoy our passion during these times, and for that we should be thankful. The Los Cabos community relies on visitors for its economy and was hit hard by the pandemic. But the fi sh are calling, the destination is open, and the anglers are responding. The catching has been fantastic, and the number of travelers planning to come this fall is picking up nicely. If you’re on the fence, perhaps our feature “An Anglers Paradise” (page 12)—and knowing that you’re helping our friends in Los Cabos—will get you on the plane headed to the Baja. I’m certainly looking forward to being there, and sipping on a Cadillac margarita at the end of an adventurous day. Be safe, live now, and I hope to see you where the fi sh are.

Good fishing and all the very best,
Dan Jacobs Publisher, Editor

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