New Jackpot Added to 2019 Los Cabos Billfish Tournament

The largest marlin jackpot now has two levels for fishing teams to win.

Michelle Gaylord

Team Second Wind weighed a 363-pound black marlin on day two of the 2018 Los Cabos Billfish Tournament.

For 2019, the Los Cabos Billfish Tournament now has two different levels of Largest Marlin Jackpots. The Largest Marlin Jackpots are awarded to the teams that catch the three largest marlin in the tournament over three days of fishing and are awarded accordingly: 50 percent largest, 30 percent second largest and 20 percent third largest. Only teams registered in the Largest Marlin Jackpot Levels I and II are eligible for cash and prizes.

In past years, the Largest Marlin Jackpot was a single level that cost $3,000 to enter. For 2019, the first level costs $3,000, but the new second level is $5,000. Teams also must be entered in the Level I Jackpot to enter the Level II Jackpot. Teams must be entered in the $5,000 base entry to enter the Largest Marlin Jackpots.

In the event of a tie, the award earned and the next lower level are split evenly. For example, if two teams entered in the Largest Marlin Jackpots catch the largest marlin of equal weight they split the first and second largest marlin award evenly with the next largest marlin earning third place awards.

If only one team in the Largest Marlin Jackpots catch a qualifying fish they win the first, second and third place awards. If only two teams in the Largest Marlin Jackpot catch a qualifying fish they split the third place award evenly. If no teams catch a qualifying marlin in the Largest Marlin Jackpots, the entry fee is returned less a 10 percent fee.

Don't confuse the Largest Marlin Jackpots with the Daily Marlin jackpots. No changes were made to the Daily Marlin Jackpots which are made up of four different levels. The total all-in cost for entering the base entry, all optional weighed marlin jackpots, tuna/wahoo/dorado jackpot, overall billfish release points jackpot and daily billfish release jackpot is $25,000.